Periodontal and Implant Services

All treatment starts with a comprehensive 1 hr Examination. This consists of a full periodontal assessment and relaxed discussion of your concerns and our findings. At the end of your consultation you will be provided with an Estimate of Fees. 

To assist in this examination we ask all patients to provide us with an OPG radiograph. We are happy to provide you with a referral prior to your consultation if your dentist has not already provided you with one. Please request one from your reception staff when making your appointment. Occasionally further imaging will be required and this will be discussed and arranged at your consultation.

Our Services

Supportive Periodontal Therapy (SPT)

45 minutes • Price varies

This is the key to long term continued periodontal health. Without specialist SPT, high risk patients who have received treatment for periodontitis will relapse with the disease restarting and recommencing bone destruction. SPT enables your Periodontist to actively monitor the health, intervene when needed and support your home care.

Your general dentist will remain as the centre of your care throughout treatment. Once periodontal health is achieved, your visits will alternate between your dentist and our rooms to ensure you retain your healthy smile.

Periodontal Debridement

Duration varies • Price varies

Periodontitis is a very prevalent disease of the foundations of the teeth. Failure to treat periodontitis impacts your overall health and may result in tooth or implant loss. Diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease is a vital part of maintaining a healthy smile.

Dental Implants

2 hours and over • Price varies

Dental Implants are the ideal option to replace lost or failing teeth. Your consultation will assess if this option is ideal for you and we will outline the steps and costs involved in this procedure.

Additional 3D imaging will be utilized in the comprehensive assessment of your bone structure to plan and achieve the safest and best long term solution.

Sinus Lifts (Bone Grafting)

Duration varies • Price varies

Replacing the back top teeth can present a unique challenge. Thankfully we are able to safely and predictably graft the floor of the Maxillary sinus to increase the amount of bone available to place your dental implant.

There are 2 types of sinus lifts:

1        Transalveolar (Summer’s Lift)

2        Lateral approach (Lateral Window)

Your periodontist is uniquely trained to safely execute both types of graft and will advise you which is the indicated and safest approach for you.

Ridge Preservation

Duration varies • Price varies

Ridge Preservation is a special type of bone grafting that is used to minimise the amount of bone loss following tooth extraction. In young patients or very complex implant cases this approach can keep options open for the future and minimise the need for major types of bone grafting.

Ridge preservation also reduces the amount of bone shrinkage long term. This is important when conventional bridges are planned. This will reduce the number of seeds you catch under your bridge to replace the missing tooth and maximise the aesthetics.

This procedure can also be combined with soft tissue grafts.

Bone Grafting

Duration varies • Price varies

Bone grafting is a vital part in dental implant therapy and site preparation for conventional bridge work.  We harness the body’s ability to heal by guiding the formation of your bone.  This procedure is often undertaken at the same time as dental implant placement or may be done prior to the placement of implants in complex cases.

The Bio Materials used are always evidence based, are of the highest standard and safe. We primarily use Geistlich products.

Your periodontist will guide you through how these work and the benefits of the different types and origins of the materials.

Gingival Grafting

Duration varies • Price varies

Gingival grafting or Soft tissue grafting is part of our armamentarium to combat shrinking gums. It is most commonly used to reverse the damage to the gums from excessive tooth brushing or tongue or lip rings/studs.

There are several approaches utilized to achieve the desired outcome. Your Periodontist will assess with you which options are best for you.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

Duration varies • Price varies

With the latest advances in Periodontics we are able to regrow some of the bone lost from periodontal disease. These include the use of “Emdogain” – a mix of vital growth factors that promote the reformation of the attachment tooth the tooth and bone formation follows.

Your periodontist will assess if this is a treatment option that indicated for you based on your comprehensive examination and response to Non-surgical debridement first.

Restorative Crown Lengthening

Duration varies • Price varies

Occasionally your dentist will need some assistance being able to save a very heavily broken down tooth. When the tooth destruction gets too close to the bone your dentist will not be able to give you a long term restoration. We surgically cause controlled gum shrinkage to enable your dentist to provide you with a reliable long term restoration free from bleeding gums and with a smooth join to the tooth.

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

Duration varies • Price varies

Crown lengthening in the smile is essentially changing the gingival picture frame of your teeth. We move your gum to give you the harmonious smile you are looking for. This can be a finishing step following orthodontics or part of your full oral rehab with the placement of crowns or veneers placed once the gums have healed.


45 minutes • Price varies

Occasionally we are born with an extension of gum attached to the lip that pulls on the gums resulting in recession (gum shrinkage off the teeth).  This force can move the teeth apart. We do this approach to remove the pressure off the gum to prevent gum shrinkage and assist in preventing tooth movement.

Your orthodontist or dentist may request this as a preventative measure. It is a relatively quick and safe procedure.

Surgical Tooth Exposures

Duration varies • Price varies

This is a pre orthodontic procedure which enables your orthodontist to move teeth that are hidden under the gum, into your smile.

Tooth Extractions

Duration varies • Price varies

As periodontists, we are specialist trained in the removal of teeth to minimise the damage to adjacent teeth and bone. This extra care reduces the pain and risk of complications. The main benefit is we are able to maximise the bone available to replace the lost tooth with a dental implant. We also will discuss potential “Ridge preservation”.

What You Need to Know About Your Appointment

We strive to deliver the highest level of care in a comfortable, professional and stress-free setting.


OPG Radiograph

We ask all patients to provide an OPG radiograph. We are happy to provide you with a referral prior to your consultation if your dentist has not already provided you with one. Please request one from reception staff when making your appointment. Occasionally further imaging will be required and this will be discussed and arranged at your consultation.


A list of your medicines

Prescription, over the counter and herbal medicines can all affect your oral health and how your gums will respond to treatment.  Please list any current and recently taken medicines, herbs or supplements.


Accurate medical history

There are a number of conditions that can affect your oral health and treatment option suitability.  Your specialist will need to take these into account when forming your treatment plan.



We respect that your time is valuable!  We ask that you show other patients and staff the same respect by attending your appointments on time.

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